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Top Producing Realtor Representing Home Sellers for 30 Years


Experienced, innovative and top-rated, Lauri Cass is the real estate agent you want by your side when you want to sell and get top dollar.
Lauri Cass has been a Top Producing Realtor representing home and condo sellers for 30 consecutive years.  Lauri works hard to ensure her clients are well-represented and protected every step of the way.



After graduating from college Lauri pursued her passion for real estate.  At just 28 years old, Lauri received the prestigious Top Producer Award for being the #1 Realtor in the entire Pacific Northwest Region for Century 21 which includes all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.  Lauri joined Windermere in 2000 and has maintained her top-producer status ever since.  Lauri’s passion for real estate still shines through in her unwavering Seller representation and record-breaking sales prices.


Lauri Cass represents Sellers and her goal is to get her Sellers the most money possible, while protecting their best interests every step of the way.  It’s important for Lauri that her clients enjoy a smooth and professional experience and she is always available to her clients.  Lauri’s one-on-one service enables her clients to make informed decisions for optimal results.  Lauri is an extremely strong negotiator and meticulous in her attention to detail.  Many of Lauri’s clients are repeat clients and referrals, which exemplifies Lauri’s outstanding level of loyalty, professionalism, and dedication to her client’s satisfaction.  For Lauri, it’s all about exceeding expectations and achieving top dollar.


Over the past 30 years Lauri has perfected her marketing program, keeping it fresh and current.  Lauri is a listing specialist who makes sure her listings receive the maximum exposure by using the most innovative technologies to keep up with the ever-changing real estate market.  Lauri’s marketing is high-quality, targeted and extremely effective. Lauri studies the current trends and statistics daily, as well as attends on-line classes and seminars so her clients know they are getting the best advice and service.


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"I sold my father's home with Lauri Cass.  Back in 2011 my father called Lauri Cass to see what his home was worth in case he needed to sell for extra care for my mom. They were able to live in their home, mom died in 2014, dad died April 5th. Dad had said to me years prior to his death, "Cindy I don't want you to give the house away but I don't want you sitting on it. I want Lauri Cass to sell it, she knows the market, has many years experience, intelligent and she will do the right thing. Trust her, this is her living she wants as much out of the house as you do." He seemed to know truths that others didn't see. I used Lauri as my dad requested. Lauri walked through my parents home, I asked what her thoughts were. Lauri told me and then asked what I was thinking. We discussed the time limits, costs and profits remodeling, and what my objective was, " to get a fair price, and move to the next chapter of my life." I knew she was the professional I was not, I chose her thoughts and said just tell me what you need from me and I will follow suit. My parents home sold 20 hours after listing, Lauri knew what the market could rise to and how to generate the most interest. Offers came in and we sold for a fair price plus. I'm grateful that my father recognized a intelligent professional. Thank you dad, and thank you so very much Lauri."

"It is a pleasure to write this review on my selling experience with Lauri Cass, a Realtor with Windermere Real Estate. Living out of country required a trustworthy, knowledgeable Real Estate Agent to represent my interest in selling my Condominium. The web reviews assisted me to make this decision.

1. Lauri came prepared with a detailed book of comparable condos and corresponding values in the area. After she reviewed the condo, we arrived at a selling agreement. Lauri arranged a professional photographer and from these pictures a detailed 4 page color brochure was created. She was very receptive to working with me on desired formatting tweaks. These then formed the basis for professional flyers & digital input to online advertising along with Lauri providing an excellent description of the attributes of our condo.
2. Lauri is upfront and will not up-sell you in order to get a listing.
3. She responds very quickly to questions by phone and e-mails. She is honest, straight forward, and her communication skills are top notch.
4. Lauri uses electronic signing of legal documents which was a tremendous time and money saver given that this was an international sale & involved different time zones.
5. From start to finish Lauri provided ongoing feedback, always keeping me informed and up to date via phone or email.
6. Following Lauri's direction & recommendations our condo sold within a reasonable time frame.

In summary, I would recommend Lauri for your selling needs. She is professional, knowledgeable and a very astute Realtor."

"If you're thinking about selling in Fairwood, Lauri is the agent to call. We've lived in Fairwood for over 10 years and in that time, I've always known that when it came time to sell, it would be with Lauri. I've seen her sold signs everywhere, even in the worst market conditions. She has a keen knowledge of the local market, and ability to bring interest and buyers. She consulted us on how to stage our home and get top dollar! Her marketing plan is genius and we can't recommend her enough!"

"In a slow market, Lauri Cass sold our home in The Summit in Bellevue. Lauri is very professional, organized and detail-oriented. Her information and market reports proved that she was very well-informed and devoted to our objective of getting our home sold. Because of her marketing, we had more buyer inquiries and appointments than we could have imagined. All the websites looked amazing from the professional photography Lauri provided us. Lauri's communication via email was prompt and thorough and she seemed to answer her phone 24/7. Lauri would alert us of any activity in our area and then explain its connection to our home sale. Although we sold in a down housing market AND needed to correct an exterior stucco problem, Lauri was able to help us and sell our house much sooner than expected. We chose the right agent... responsive, attentive, knowledgeable and on-the-ball. Her thoroughness ensured we were prepared for everything that occurred in the process. We never had to worry about anything. She was always on call. It seemed to us that Lauri worked 24 hours a day!!! We feel Lauri did an exceptional job for us, really worked hard in negotiating for us, and always protected our best interests. Lauri's 20+ years as a Realtor really shows. She knows how to promptly and smoothly close a sale and it's obvious she loves her job. We highly recommend Lauri."

"I have been involved in two transactions with Lauri Cass and each time she far exceeds my expectations. I am amazed how she is always able to take my calls and respond so quickly to my emails. Whether it is early in the morning or late at night she is always available. It is obvious she loves what she does. When I decided to sell recently I asked Lauri to evaluate my home and determine what would be the best price the market would support. After a walk thru she provided me with a number based on actual sales in the area and predicted market timing in order to get the best price. Once Listed, Lauri launched a marketing campaign that included some of the most beautiful pictures of the home I could imagine. Everything was very professional. They looked so nice I even thought twice about keeping it. Once the house hit the market it sold in two days, not because it was listed for too little but because she had done an excellent job of marketing the home. As the transaction progressed to closing she stayed on top of everything so well that I had complete confidence in the process. She constantly updated me as things evolved to the end. Lauri is so knowledgeable and experienced at what she does she anticipates the next move and things flow smoothly."

"Lauri is a dedicated and experienced professional; very knowledgeable and works hard to ensure customer satisfaction. Always available to answer questions or provide assistance. I would rate her services as "outstanding." She is trustworthy and I would recommend her services without reservation."

"Lauri is the most available and most knowledgeable agent my wife and I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She responds ASAP with truthful, helpful information.

When she listed out houses, the pictures that were taken were outstanding, and the descriptions were wonderful. The professional manner of the listing and the pictures were both reasons we were able to get the most from our sales.

Any time we need expertise in the Real Estate field, we always look to Lauri."

"Dear Lauri, Thank you very much for your assistance in selling our pied-terre in downtown Bellevue. Being that we travel most of the time, it was so nice to know that you were handling everything. From day one we could see what set you apart from other real estate agents. You were always so responsive to our e-mails (within seconds a lot of the time) and you always answered your telephone in person, which is so refreshing! The color materials you created were beautiful and we really felt it showcased our condominium to attract the right kind of buyer. We can not say enough about how you negotiated for us and made everything go so smoothly for us. We can not thank you enough! When we get back from Europe we will be contacting you to sell our other Bellevue property."

"For years, we watched as home owners in our neighborhood hired Lauri to sell their homes, and when it came time to place our own home on the market, we made the same choice. She helped sell our house within 90 days in arguably the worst housing market in recent memory. Because we had already relocated to another city when we received an offer on our home, we had to resort to fax, email, and the postal service to manage our contract paperwork. Lauri was careful to provide us with clear and easy-to-follow notations, so that we never had to guess where to initial or sign. She was also always (I repeat always) available by phone and email, which meant a lot to us when we had questions or concerns. We found her to be professional, pleasant, and experienced in all the meandering ways of home sales. She used every tool in an experienced Realtor's tool belt to make sure that our home was seen by prospective buyers, including providing a first-rate, extensive set of photos; a four-page brochure posted on the property itself; digital postings on all the popular home-sale sites, such as; and direct email to the many, many buyers and agents in her acquaintance (which we believe stimulated more than the usual traffic through our home). We are glad that we chose Lauri as our agent and we recommend her highly."

"Lauri Cass is Exceptional! There is a reason why Lauri is the #1 Realtor. We were impressed from the very first meeting... Lauri was very professional and prepared. The market analysis and the information booklet she had prepared for us showed us from the beginning that she was very knowledgeable and would be dedicated to our goal in selling our house. We had so many viewing appointments due to the behind the scene marketing work by Lauri. Acquaintances of ours were even impressed by the number of showings and how the professional photos taken of our house were spectacular. Some even made mention that they saw our house advertised on brochures here and there and called Lauri the "Real Estate Guru of Fairwood". I'm sure Lauri has many other clients; however, she made us feel like we were the only ones. Her response time to our emails/calls was amazing and no question was too small. If there was any activity in our area, Lauri would let us know ASAP and explain to us how it would affect our home sale (if any). Her know-how in the industry is superb. Even with the down housing market this summer, Lauri was able to sell our house and one other just down the street from us. This really shows in her commitment. I say it all has to do with the right agent... because a house across the street from us was on the market off and on for two years and we feel that was due to the lack of attentiveness from their agent. When we had offers, Lauri wouldn't pressure us to take any low offer for a quick sale, instead she always had our interests in mind... Lauri would give us all the available options and assisted us in making the right decision for our family. She is very trustworthy and we would definitely recommend Lauri's services. Being that this was the first time selling a house for us, Lauri helped us with the needed paperwork and with her years of experience, had the knowledge to know what was needed to smoothly close our sale on time. We put the house on the market the beginning of the summer and sold within the summer... this was all due to Lauri's efforts. We couldn't have done it without her. Lauri goes far and beyond what other agents would do for their clients. All I can say is... she is Fabulous!"

"Lauri is an exceptional agent. She is always a professional in all aspects when handling the process of selling my home. Lauri always responded quickly to every calls and concerns that I have. I have been trying to sell my home for 3 years and there was no results until I signed with Lauri. As soon as we posted the house, we received an offer immediately. With her research and advertisement expertise, we were able to reach our buyer in this down economic time. I highly recommends Lauri without hesitation. I admire her professionalism and her passion in providing excellent customer service. She is the best agent that you can trust and will follow through with her commitments to help you sell your home."

"Years ago, Lauri's name came up when a friend of ours saw her name on a sign in my neighborhood. He had some really good opinions about her, so when we decided to list our home, we called her first.

Lauri's service is exemplary as well as comprehensive. And she is not afraid to give advice on pricing and then when one really needs it (namely during negotiations). I've now gone through 3 real estate transactions. Lauri's knowledge, effort, and overall service stand far, far above our other experiences."

"Lauri is the best selling agent we have ever had. This is the 7th time we have bought and sold. Lauri did a superb job in a very difficult Washington market. She ONLY represents the seller in the transaction and was 100% focused on our interests. She commissioned a professional photographer to prep a flyer for us and only brought qualified buyers to the house. Best of all we sold in 3 weeks and the closing was a breeze. This was extremely important to us since we were moving from Washington to Florida and had our hands full coordinating our move. Lauri was always available at all hours of the day and night to answer our questions, and her knowledge of the process and the real estate market is unparalleled. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in having a true professional handle one of the most important transactions of their life."

"Lauri was simply awesome. I tried to sell my house by-owner and she advised me that I was underpricing the market. I was skeptical but Lauri is an expert on the Fairwood area I decided it wouldn't hurt to let her list it. Less than 24 hours later we had our first offer and it was for more than I had been asking. Needless to say, I was delighted and can't recommend Lauri strongly enough.

She also did a great job recommending a local realtor where I was moving to.

Lauri works fast, she is always reachable, and she gets things done. I highly recommend her."

Lauri Cass was amazing to work with! She was recommended by my parents because they were impressed with her professionalism and expertise in buying their home 20 years ago. My goal was to sell my home quickly and for the best price. I called Lauri and left a voicemail on a Sunday night and she emailed me back that same night and set up time for us to talk the next day. She was friendly and responsive to all my questions. Lauri was noticeably an expert and knowledgeable about the neighborhood I was selling in. Lauri helped me every step of the way. Her reach and contacts in the real estate market is extensive! Once my house was listed we had lots of interest. Lauri negotiated the offer we accepted above selling price in less than 4 days. If you’re looking to sell your home I highly recommend you contact Lauri. She’s the way to go for a seamless, easy and profitable sale of your home. Thank you Lauri!

Lauri was great to work with. She lives and breathes real estate! Her knowledge, expertise, and advice were invaluable in guiding us through the sale of our home. You always communicate directly with her and are not passed around to others. She arranged staging, photographs, and coordinated all showings for us and kept us informed all along the way. Our home sold the first weekend on the market. Couldn't have had a better realtor!

I can’t say enough great things about Lauri Cass!! She is an absolute pro! She recently listed and sold my Renton, WA home making the process so easy and seamless for me. Not only did she oversee all the aspects of selling my home but she also partnered me with a Windemere relocation specialist and followed my out of state new home purchase until closing to ensure it was going smooth…and this was after my home sold. Lauri guided me through the selling process of my home, provided excellent marketing and research materials in a bound hard cover book and never pressured me into any decisions. I highly recommend Lauri to any and everyone that wants to sell their home with the assurance they are in good hands. Lauri’s experience in the business should not be underrated, she is at the top of her game and has a great network!! And did I mention she had a bound hard cover memory book of my sold home made?! It was a tough decision to sell and receiving the book to remember my home was awesome.



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